Donor Conception in the News


Woman battling brain tumor fights for medical records from sperm donor

A bill proposed in New York would require fertility clinics to give donor conceived people access to updated medical records.


Dr. Phil’s Ill Conceived Sperm Donor Episode

On a recent episode of Dr. Phil, host Phil McGraw interviewed a 30-year-old man named Kyle who operates as a pro bono private sperm donor.

Guest Posts

Untangling the Vine:  The Perspective of a BIPOC DCP

Eric turned to DNA testing to learn more about his complicated family history but his results yielded more surprises than answers.


How Many Siblings Do I Have, Really? 

Author Peter J. Boni (Uprooted) reflects on the questions that remain unanswered even decades after his surprise DNA discovery.

The DCP Perspective


Gratitude and Grief Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Gratitude and grief are not mutually exclusive. It is not necessary to be grateful for your method of conception if it is intertwined with trauma or loss.