We understand that the opinions and experiences of many donor conceived people (DCP) might be unfamiliar to intended and recipient parents, former and potential donors, mental health professionals, members of the ART industry, the medical community, legislators, and others. Advocating for change begins with educating the public about where change is needed and why change is necessary.

We also recognize the generations of existing DCP, both young and old, whose friends and families struggle to understand how best to support their loved one. We know there are parents and donors who have questions and need answers about how to navigate the future. And there are intended parents and potential donors who want to proceed in the most ethical manner possible but might not know what that means. USDCC’s resources can help.

Legislation takes time, but personal attitudes and practices can change quickly to favor the best interests of DCP. With the input of mental health professionals and others who have personal experience with donor conception, we aim to provide educational resources to the people who most need this information.