Whether it is through events that bring our community together or by working with stakeholders, USDCC is committed to engaging with the people we serve and with those we hope to educate. As part of that mission, we are happy to give voice to perspectives within the donor conception triad to help build bridges and develop better understanding. Members of the donor conception community who all have different experiences that can help us learn how to do better for donor conceived people, recipient parents, and donors.

If you are interested in hosting an event with USDCC, inviting a USDCC representative to speak at or attend an event, or contributing to our Perspectives blog, send an email to [email protected].

community events

Our work is inspired by the lived experiences of donor conceived people (DCP), and part of our mission is to share those experiences with others. Whenever possible, we hope to serve DCP and their families by bringing the community together in solidarity and support for the creation of a better world for DCP.

stakeholder outreach

USDCC values our relationships with the diverse group of stakeholders who are interested in issues regarding third-party gamete donation. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about their experiences and concerns while educating them about the lived experiences of donor conceived people (DCP), the needs and interests of DCP, and USDCC’s vision for a better future.

Perspectives (Blog)

learn more about the perspectives within the donor conception community and triad through guest posts and other content featured on our Perspectives blog.

Donor Conception News

Keep up with recent stories about donor conception in the news and announcements from USDCC.