Through our work in Colorado and California in 2022, USDCC has developed Example Legislation that protects the best interests of donor conceived people while considering the input of stakeholders.

USDCC’s Example Legislation has prospective effect only and is not retroactive. USDCC’s Example Legislation focuses on the release of a donor’s identifying information upon the request of adult donor conceived persons (i.e., those who are 18 or older).

2022 Sperm Bank Data Survey

USDCC sought to collect data on sperm banks across the United States. A survey was conducted in which sperm bank websites were reviewed for relevant data and then those data were confirmed via contact with representatives from each bank.

2022 Advocacy Survey

In August and September 2022, U.S. Donor Conceived Council (USDCC) asked people with a connection to donor conception (i.e., donors, recipient parents, and donor conceived persons) what changes to the donor conception industry and practices they would like to see.

Blog: The Need for Legislation

Through a series of blog posts, USDCC describes why legislation is necessary in the United States and how the United States compares to other developed countries in terms of regulating the third-party gamete donation industry.

Calls to Action

Find out how to support legislation that USDCC believes will empower and protect donor conceived people and their families.

Making Law 101

The legislative process is time consuming at the federal and state level, sometimes taking years for a bill to become a law. But after a bill is introduced, what happens? To answer that question, let’s first review the three branches of government at the state and federal levels.

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U.S. Donor Conceived Council advocates for legislation that addresses the spectrum of lifelong issues donor conceived people face. We support reforms to the fertility industry and greater regulation to protect the interests of donor conceived people and their families.

How to advocate

Are you ready to support legislation but not sure what to do next? We can help.