USDCC aims to provide prospective, current, and former gamete donors with resources and information to help navigate the lifelong implications of participating in third-party gamete donation for both themselves and the people they help to create.

Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before Donating Sperm

A former sperm donor with at least 96 donor offspring shares the five things he wishes he had known before donating.

How Do I Tell My Family I Donated Sperm or Eggs?

If you haven’t told your family that you donated sperm or eggs, read this guide.

Can Donors Really Be Anonymous?

Short answer: no. Regardless of the contract or paperwork a donor signs, it is simply unrealistic to believe any donor can remain anonymous.

The Donor Misnomer

Words matter to all of us. This applies equally to donor-conceived people, and it is worth considering whether the terms commonly used in the fertility industry are consistent with their lived experiences.

Seven Things Former and Future Donors Need to Know

Are you a former donor or considering becoming one? Read this guide.

Top Image by Saad Chaudhry via Unsplash