Get Involved with USDCC

If we are actively recruiting for a specific position,* you will find the information here. Plus we are always looking for volunteers who have special skill sets that can contribute to the success of our various teams. If you want to get involved with USDCC but don’t know how to start, send an email to [email protected] and we can find a good fit together.

*All positions with USDCC are as an unpaid volunteer


Email [email protected] to express interest using the position title as the subject. Include your relationship to donor conception and any relevant education, training, or experience.

Director of BIPOC Resources


Data Collection Assistant(s)


Grants Specialist


Volunteer Coordinator


Accounting Assistant




  • No experience necessary
  • Assist with research
  • Create educational materials
  • Help track legislation
  • Help develop our grassroots advocacy network
  • Work closely with other committee members and VP of Government Affairs


  • Must have legal experience
  • Research existing laws in target jurisdictions
  • Help draft, review, and edit proposed legislation
  • Consider legislator and stakeholder feedback
  • Work closely with other committee members and VP of Government Affairs

Additional Requirements for both committees

  • You must be willing to help with projects for any state (even if it is not your home state).
  • You must refrain from personally pursuing DCP related legislation in states that are not a focus for USDCC at this time.
  • You do not need to be donor conceived to participate.

Email [email protected] with a description of your relevant experience if you are interested.

We are looking for Mental Health Professionals who are committed to allyship with donor conceived people and searching for a collaborative community of other MHPs in the fertility space.

As a volunteer member of this committee, you will

  • Develop educational materials for various groups within donor conception (e.g., recipient parents, intended parents, donor conceived people, donors)
  • Answer specific common questions from each group as part of USDCC’s Ask A Therapist column

Interested? Email [email protected] with your qualifications, experience with donor conception or related issues, and a link to your website (if applicable).