U.S. Donor Conceived Council’s Example Legislation

Through our work in Colorado and California in 2022, USDCC has developed Example Legislation that protects the best interests of donor conceived people while considering the input of stakeholders.

USDCC’s Example Legislation has prospective effect only and is not retroactive. USDCC’s Example Legislation focuses on the release of a donor’s identifying information upon the request of adult donor conceived persons (i.e., those who are 18 or older).


In 2022, USDCC successfully introduced and enacted the Colorado “Donor-Conceived Persons and Families of Donor-Conceived Persons Protection Act.” The bill passed with bipartisan support and led USDCC to form relationships with stakeholders nationwide. Learn more about that effort here.


USDCC achieved bipartisan support and passage of AB 1986 in California in 2022. Although the bill was ultimately vetoed by the governor, its resounding passage and support from a variety of stakeholders signaled a change in the way the public now views issues surrounding donor conception. Read more here.

Where We Are Going next

USDCC is committed to protecting donor conceived people (DCP) by pursuing legislation in states with ties to the third-party gamete donation industry. Additionally, we support the protection of diverse family structures because many DCP are born to single parents by choice and LGBTQIA+ families. We support efforts by other advocacy groups to ensure that diverse family structures are respected and protected through enactment of parentage protection laws, such as the Uniform Parentage Act.

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