Our History

U.S. Donor Conceived Council was established in late 2021 by Erin Jackson, the creator of We Are Donor Conceived. Erin assembled a team of other donor conceived people (“DCP”) to form the first all-volunteer nonprofit run by DCP and devoted to advocating on behalf of DCP. USDCC was officially incorporated and achieved its 501 (c) (3) nonprofit status in early 2022.

Within its first six months, USDCC successfully shepherded the proposal and historic enactment of the “Donor-Conceived Persons and Families of Donor-Conceived Persons Protection Act” in Colorado with overwhelming bipartisan support. With this legislation in hand, USDCC culminated its first year by presenting at a groundbreaking stakeholder meeting attended by donor conceived advocates, gamete banks, mental health professionals, legal scholars, LGBTQIA+ advocacy groups, and others.

Erin passed the leadership baton at the end of 2022, having established USDCC as a voice for donor conceived people.

Our Mission

USDCC strives to increase awareness of the needs, interests, and challenges of donor conceived people and advance change that promotes and protects their health, welfare, and human rights. Our vision for a better future for donor conceived people begins by prioritizing the best interests of DCP in all matters involving donor conception.

USDCC does not tolerate discrimination. We do not tolerate homophobia or transphobia. We acknowledge and respect diverse family structures. We support efforts to protect and secure the rights of non-genetic parents in diverse family structures.