Catch up on headlines and podcast episodes that focused on donor conception during the week of January 21, 2024.

People Magazine Covers the Story of Sperm Donor Dylan-Stone Miller (Jan. 23, 2024)

In Sperm Donor Makes Shocking Discovery: ‘I’m the Biological Father of 97 Kids’ — and Likely More (Exclusive), Johnny Dodd & Hannah Sacks interview USDCC Director of Sperm Donor Resources Dylan Stone-Miller* about discovering that his sperm was used in excess of the number of families quoted by the sperm bank when he donated. *Please note that the article incorrectly refers to Stone-Miller fighting for “pregnancy limits” when in fact as part of USDCC he fights for reasonable “family limits” established per donor.

USA Today Covers Three Siblings in a 200+ Sibling Pod and Their Troubled Health History (Jan. 23, 2024)

In These women discovered they were siblings. Then, they found hundreds more. It has taken a toll., Katie Camero tells how three young women discovered they have 200+ siblings through donor conception, their struggle to obtain accurate medical history for the sperm donor, and the overlapping health conditions and concerns shared within the group. USDCC provided information and context for this story.

Former USDCC VP of Mental Health Initiatives Lindsay Harris, LCSW, appears on podcast Outside of Session with Julie Hilton, LCSW (Jan. 2024)

Lindsay Harris, who served as USDCC vice president of mental health initiatives from 2022-2023, appeared on Julie Hilton’s podcast Outside of Session to discuss and “explore the emotional landscape of donor conception” in the season 2 episode “Navigating the Journey of Donor Conception.”

Top image by Markus Winkler via Unsplash